Part 30: Northwest MogFest-2


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The Trip

I finally got a chance to take some photos of the vehicles at Northwest MogFest.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

There was a very nice 1923 Ford Model T that had been converted into a hot rod.

This would look good in my driveway, but not for long.  We would need to add a garage to house it.

This was a very nice bit of work.

A "kubelwagon" from WWII.

There were a large number of Halflingers at NWMF.

The local Boy Scouts cooked the dinner; it was jambalaya and peach cobbler in dutch ovens.

Where is personal responsibility these days?  Some friggin' lawyer decided to put this "May be hot" sign on a GRIDDLE!  It is not very useful when it is not hot.  Perhaps we should get some "May be stupid" signs for members of the legal community.

The cooking team brought some major equipment.

The scouts had a large number of large dutch ovens.  One was aluminum, but the cooks said it did not cook well and certainly not like the cast iron ovens.

Jim and Emily's Waldersee Farm had some great license plates.

In case you were wondering what it takes to get a "number two hoe" plaque, you have to place in the women's backhoe competition.

John and Glori's VW "Thing".

A nice 712 Pinz camper.

Alan in his 406 and two young bucks on a Rokon cycle.

Jim Ince's nice 1300L DOKA camper.

NWMF has a "pit" where the 4x4 vehicles can play.  The trucks assembled for a group photo.  The photographer is on the right, on the ladder.  I elected to solve that problem with my quadcopter.

There were plenty of Haflingers and G-wagons.  Note Mike and Denice sitting on his jeep at the left of the photo above.

Some guys went in the bucket of the CEE tractor.

This is an ex-USMC CEE tractor that is based on the 406 platform.  It has a loader and a backhoe that folds up to make it plane transportable.

This is a "swim-wagon" (though the actual name is in German).  It is a VW that is amphibious.  Note the propeller on the back.  When the prop is lowered, it engages the hub on the rear of the vehicle.

This might be good for crossing a calm river, but useless in the surf.

There were several nice Land Rovers and some were diesel.

There were two folks with quadcopters.  Mine is in the rear, the foreground is a DJI Flame 450 kit with a home-built gimbal.

In addition to the assembled masses,  the photo above shows the heavily wooded hills around Sheridan Peak.

The photographer is visible on the ladder on the light tower.  The "pit" is visible in the center.

We had a great time at NWMF, as always.  We greatly appreciate the efforts of Jim, Emily and the NWMF crew in organizing and hosting the party.

Next, we head to toward the Oregon coast and head north.

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