Part 29: Champoeg, OR and NWMF-1


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The Trip

We set up a lunch date with our friend Scott in Beaverton, OR.  Scott bought my 1300L/camper back in 2010 and we have stayed in contact.  From Beaverton, we headed west toward Sheridan Peak and then to Northwest MogFest (NWMF).

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

We met at a nice restaurant and had a great meal.  Before our departure Kathleen took this photo.

We traveled west toward Nestucca along Nestucca Creek and came to a campsite called Dovre.  We setup for the night and while doing chores I spotted this fellow.  Always a fan of the bizarre, this is one odd animal.  The Banana Slug is about 8" long and slimy.  Usually in nature, brightly colored things are toxic, but I am not sure if that is the case with the Banana Slug.  But it does not matter; I doubt that any culinary treatment would make this tasty, toxic or not.

We picked the most level site in the camp which was not that level.  The leveling blocks are visible on the right side of Thor.

The area in Nestucca Canyon is very wet.  Wet soil usually results in some kind of fungus and this area is no different.  This mushroom looks like it was eaten by something, perhaps a Banana Slug.

Nestucca Creek is heavily forested and the scene looked like something out of "The Hobbit".

Most of the tree trunks had moss or other parasites.  The large stump was being turned into mush by the fungus.

Twenty minutes later, the Banana Slug had made it to the top of this waste water disposal chute.

Being close to the ocean, the air was quite chilly after dark.  Next morning, we broke camp and headed over Sheridan Peak to the small town of Sheridan, OR and NWMF.  Along the way we came upon a log truck carrying payload to the sawmill.

At the base of Willamina Canyon we came to the mill.  Timber is cut to size and packaged for shipment.

This mill was served by the local railroad.  Rail cars were loaded with finished product for delivery.

We did a supply stop in Willamina and across the street from the market was this artifact called the "Galloping Goose".  A White truck chassis was modified to have steel wheels and a steering truck up front.  The Goose carried passengers and freight to and from the Willamina area.

We came into Sheridan and spotted this sign at the local expresso stand.  The same message was on the other side of the sign.  So, that makes me wonder about the antecedent conditions that resulted in this messaging.  And, it makes me wonder how long they WERE accepting "sweaty bra sock jock money".

We traveled from Sheridan the short distance to Waldersee Farm where NWMF was being hosted.  When we arrived, Expedition Imports had several vehicles for sale on display.

We set up near the main farm house.  Thor always attracts plenty of attention and especially with a bunch of off-road enthusiasts.

Mike "Pop" and his wife-to-be Denice elected to be married at NWMF.  So, the hosts Jim and Emily made the necessary arrangements.

The groom's men line up for a photo.

Mike's friend Art and the host's sister.

Blue nail polish was the order of the day for reasons unknown.

John Wessels and Patrick Croskey escort Denice's mom to the altar.  Our host, Jim, (with braided beard) was seated on the very far left of the photo above.

The person officiating came from the Portland area to perform the ceremony.

The deed is done!

And away they go.

Mike and Denice make a great-looking couple.

The escape vehicle, Mike's ex-USPS mail jeep.

The bride's family.

Denice's kids Matt and Alyssa.  Denice is a very beautiful woman.

The official program.

I don't think that a nice white wedding dress mixes well with a dirty jeep.  I hope that she did not get her dress soiled.

We spent 3 days at NWMF.  The next photo set has photos of the trucks.

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