Part 7: MogFest at Truckhaven near the Salton Sea, CA


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The Trip

There was a respectable turn-out for MogFest but the unstructured nature of the gathering proved somewhat unruly on our trail rides.  But, no matter, everyone had fun.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The 1017A in the camping configuration.  I only had one set of steps, so we had to share them between the trucks.

Next morning, we saddled up for a trail ride.  I rode with Kai in his 416 DOKA.  Above, Matt helps Kai secure the bed before setting out.

Matt and Nancy's Altar-proven 416.

We headed toward the Calcite Mine area to see what was there.  The hills around Truckhaven are very, very barren.

The road to the Calcite Mine area was not hard, but it was narrow in places.

Along the way, the group stopped to check out a side canyon.

The canyon was very narrow at the mouth and it only got narrower as we went upstream.

The path entered a narrow slot canyon.

Upstream, boulders blocked our way requiring some scrambling to conquer.

When we finished in the slot canyon, we headed to the end of the trail at the Calcite mine.

There were a number of Pinzgauers in our group.

This nice Jeep pickup was in the group behind us.

Note the wind caves in the sandstone cliffs.

This slot was part of the mine and yielded the actual calcite crystals.

Back at camp, we were treated to a "harvest moon" that lit up our campsite.

Richard and Emily showed up in "Big Red" and unloaded same quads with the boom crane.

The VW Synchros were camped in an area by themselves.

After breakfast, we headed out on another trail run.  Above, a Syncho owner gets a geometry lesson on the meaning of "approach angle".  With his  front bumper dug deep in the sand, he was quite stuck.

Some of the trails in the Truckhaven area are steep and composed of loose gravel.

From the top of the mesa, we got a nice view of the balance of our group.

The Synchro required a pull from behind to complete the extrication.

Matt and a buddy follow in his 416.  Nancy was in Big Red with Richard.

I don't know who owns this Rover.

A 712 Pinz was in the rear of the group.

In the rear were 2 Haflingers and a 710 Pinz.

The group stopped for a brief equipment check at the top of the mesa.  Alan's 406 is visible on the right and Joe's 404 in the center.

For every steep upgrade is a steep downgrade on the other side.

The hills are much higher than they appear in the photos.

Matt comes down through the slot.

Big Red follows.  You can judge the size of the hill by the size of the 2450L.

Eric and his nice Toyota FJ restored pickup.

This jeep took many attempts to make it up this obstacle.

This 404 goes right up the obstacle without much effort at all.

Joe O and his wife do the obstacle with no sweat.

Somebody's idea of a joke.  This street sign was planted at the top of the obstacle.

The balance of the group approach the obstacle.

This 404 radio box comes complete with a lounge deck.

This explorer tried and tried and utimately beat the obstacle.

Alan works his 406 along one of the many ridges in the area.

The group assembles for a brief stop.

Richard and Nancy roll up in Big Red.

Joe and wife attempt another tough obstacle.  This time, the obstacle prevailed.

Kris and Jaime from Wasilla, AK showed up it their custom 1300 camper.

The by-standers ask Kris questions about his rig.

MogFest 2010 was fun, but to me it was less fun because it was "unhosted".  It is very true that being the host is a thankless task, but having group meals provided a focus for folks to meet and greet.  Perhaps next year.

A good time was had by all and the weather was spectacular.

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